I wanted to take some screenshots and my file was erased in the process

I'm troubleshooting right now to test what went wrong. If anyone still plays MFoMT heed this warning.

When it was erased i managed to play the game on the tv by having the cartridge in the GBA sp, connected to the gamecube with the gameboy player disc and accessory, that was connected to the tv which displayed the game just fine. only both of my saves were erased.

I'm trying to recreate it to see exactly what happened but now I can't get my game to load from the GBA to the GC. I don't think its possible and maybe I'm misremembering. Either way my save file is gone and I need to know what happened. I need to use the GameCube gba player and this has never happened before. I've been looking other places online and I can't find anything on lost save files other than battery death, which happened to my Pokemon games but MFoMT doesn't have one and the new file i made is behaving properly and loading up fine.

I've taken out the chip and theres no dust, it wiggles a very small amount, half a millimeter I'd say, so I don't think it's that. I just have no idea what erased the file. Any suggestions would be great

I'm not going to let this make me mad either. I would've a long time ago but it's not a thing to stress yourself over. Besides I've found a few exploitable glitches that help get me back where I was relatively quickly.